What We Do

Auton Systems LLC specializes in transitioning proven advanced research principles and approaches into practice. Auton Systems focuses on developing and applying interactive statistical and visual data analysis, enabling clear understanding of patterns present in large amounts of complex data. We empower skilled analysts and non-data crunchers alike with access to pertinent information buried in data and with insight into how the business or a particular process or function is performing in order to enable informed action for positive impact. Auton Systems also builds models to meet the needs of large enterprises. Prior machine learning models developed and taken to market by Auton Systems founders are actively leveraged by multiple clients including the US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Agriculture, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, various law enforcement organizations at federal, state, and local levels, and several industrial partners, including large health care systems and insurance agencies in the US.


Artur Dubrawski, Founding Member

Dr. Dubrawski considers himself a scientist and a practitioner. Having built a reputable scientific record, he has also been tainted with real world entrepreneurial experiences. He had started a successful company specializing in integration and deployment of advanced control systems and technological devices. He had also been affiliated with startups incorporated by others including Aethon, a company building robots to automate transportation in hospitals, where he served as a Chief Technology Officer transitioning technology from an early prototype to a commercial product. In 2003, Artur returned to academia to rejoin Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science where he is a senior faculty. He works on a range of applied computer intelligence endeavors, and he teaches Data Mining, Applied Data Science, and Business Intelligence to graduate students and industrial executives. In January 2006 Dr. Dubrawski was named director of the Auton Lab, an applied machine learning research group of 35 personnel embedded in the CMU Robotics Institute. Artur holds a Ph.D. in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from Polish Academy of Sciences, and a M.Sc. in Aircraft Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology.